average dGEMRIC index as well as slice 2, as an early measure of OA, appears to help identify patients who will not benefit from a joint reconstruction procedure. We show that the analysis of one central slice over the hip joint (slice 2) provides similar information as the average dGEMRIC index of all hip joint cartilage.


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dGEMRIC index with quantitative measures of proteoglycan content and with semi-quantitative histologic scores3. A lower dGEMRIC index has been associated with regions of hyaline * Address correspondence and reprint requests to: T.E. McAlindon, Division of Rheumatology, Center for Epidemiologic Based Research, Tufts Medical Center, Box We performed a prospective cohort study to evaluate the dGEMRIC index of articular hip cartilage and the morphologic changes in the labrum, cartilage, and bone preoperatively and at twelve and twenty-four months following periacetabular osteotomy for correction of developmental dysplasia of the hip. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s The aims of this study were to measure (1) plasma Gd-DTPA2− levels vs body mass index (BMI), and (2) dGEMRIC vs BMI after correcting for the dose–BMI  35-year- old patient with hip dysplasia.

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Quantitative MRI (qMRI) assessment of cartilage morphology has been validated in joints with thin cartilage plates (6) but has not been used to describe local acetabular and femoral cartilage morphology. Current students New students International Desk Academic matters & support IT services & support Careers Service The patients were divided into two groups on the basis of their dGEMRIC index. This division was established by first calculating the mean and SD of the dGEMRIC indices of all of the study cohort patients. Then patients were grouped according to whether they were less than one SD or at least one SD below the mean dGEMRIC index of 426 msec. The dGEMRIC indices, with and without BMI dose correction, for each of the 4 ROI and averaged for each sagittal section are presented in Table 2.There was statistically significant negative correlation between age and dGEMRIC index regardless of BMI dose correction (medial dGEMRIC index, r = −0.40, p < 0.001; lateral dGEMRIC index, r = −0.29, p = 0.012). To compare the delayed gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of cartilage (dGEMRIC) indexes acquired with different gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs), with emphasis on the difference in electrical charge, and to evaluate the feasibility of the use of GBCAs other than gadopentetate dimeglumine with a double negative charge (Gd-DTPA 2−) as alternatives at dGEMRIC. dGEMRIC index with quantitative measures of proteoglycan content and with semi-quantitative histologic scores3.

CAs), with emphasis on the  29 Jun 2011 Thereby, subsequent T1 measurement in cartilage described as dGEMRIC index or T1Gd reflects the GAG content within a certain cartilage  6 Nov 2013 Study protocol.

The dGEMRIC index in the cartilage adjacent to the repair tissue correlated negatively with radiographic osteophyte score, r = –0.75 (p = 0.03). Interpretation — A traumatic cartilage injury is associated with a high prevalence of OA after 17 years.

Copyright (c) 2007 Orthopaedic Research Society. PMID: 17427215 2011-04-15 · Can non-destructive MRI provide a measurement of cartilage function?

Dgemric index

A high dGEMRIC index represents good cartilage quality. The main purpose of this prospective cohort study was to investigate the prognostic value of the dGEMRIC index regarding future knee OA. METHOD: 31 patients with ACL injury (mean age 27 ± 6.7 (±SD) years, 19 males) were examined after 2 years with 1.5T dGEMRIC of femoral cartilage.

2021-03-19 Can nondestructive MRI provide a measurement of cartilage function? The delayed Gadolinium Enhanced MRI of Cartilage (dGEMRIC) index is highly correlated to mechanical stiffness, and, although not as good as a direct mechanical measurement, the index can be used as a predictive measure of stiffness. We sought to determine if a generalized relationship between the dGEMRIC index (T1Gd relaxation time) and compressive stiffness of articular cartilage could be defined across multiple samples.

Dgemric index

CONCLUSIONS: Success of PAO depends on the amount of preoperative osteoarthritis. The dGEMRIC index (T1gd) was calculated for each ROI. Repeated-measures analysis of variance (RMANOVA) analysis was used to evaluate improvement in clinical scores and MRI T1gd over time. Also regression analysis was performed to show the influence of local repair on cartilage quality at distant locations in the knee. Twelve of the sixty-four hips had a dGEMRIC index of <323 msec (Group 1), and fifty-two hips had a dGEMRIC index of ≥323 msec (Group 2). There was no significant difference between the groups with respect to age, sex, and body mass index. RESULTS: The mean dGEMRIC index (and standard deviation) for this cohort (473 +/- 104 msec) was significantly lower than that of a morphologically normal hip (570 +/- 90 msec).
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The anterior center-edge angle, the joint space width, and the presence of a labral tear were all found to be associated with osteoarthritis in the univariate analysis. Acetabular dGEMRIC indices were measured on the 7 clock positions of the superior circumference (9 to 3 o’clock). 51 Femoral dGEMRIC indices were measured on the concordant 7 clock positions. The anatomic landmark for the acetabular 6 o’clock position was the acetabular teardrop. We measured dGEMRIC index, cartilage thickness, surface area, and volume for each of the four joint quadrants and compared the manual and the automated 3-D analyses using mean differences.

Average T1 for Four Slices Patient T1 (ms) Control T1 (ms) No. Sex/Age Anterior Posterior Sex/Age Anterior Posterior 1 F-19 630 569 F 2018-06-02 · Cartilage Quality (dGEMRIC Index) Following Knee Joint Distraction or High Tibial Osteotomy.
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The dGEMRIC index could not be calculated for 8 regions in the injured knee in 5 patients and for 1 region in the uninjured knee in 1 patient, due to marked 

Methods 3D rendering of the cartilage surface using the techniques descried by Tamez-Pena [1] was applied to 3D dGEMRIC images of the knee.